Interest of dynamic QR codes

Very simple
  • for the professional to implement
  • or to use by the client / user / prospect

You can consult the statistics ...

Without modifying the image of the QR code, you can change the variables of the QR code at will...

  • Modify the pointing towards your website, your Facebook page, LinkedIn, etc
  • Change your site's promotion page
  • Update recurring events, etc.

The dynamic QR code is durable.

exemple QR code redirection


Dashboard  QR codes, Global statistics


The dashboard allows you to manage your dynamic QR codes.



Satisfied customers


Our other services

cataplu.fr ... for commerce, services and the artists
  • Creation of satisfaction surveys
  • with graphical analysis of the results
  • You can consult the statistics and comments.. .

civic.mobi ...Specially for communities (town halls, etc. )

  • Satisfaction survey, suggestion boxes for residents of municipalities...
  • Subscribers to civic.mobi automatically benefit from a my-qrcodes account to create their dynamic QR codes for publications (online monthly newsletter, municipal council in PDF, practical page of their site, etc.)
  • After this 3-click survey, the user is redirected to the page of your choice.
  • QR codes can be engraved in marble!

The dynamic QR code is durable.